First off let me say that, obtaining your License To Carry (LTC) a firearm on your person in Texas is both simple and yet a little bit "complicated." The first thing is, one must be eligible under the Texas Government Code and you must be 21 years old (unless you're active duty military).

You must meet the Federal qualifications eligibility to purchase a "handgun", for the Federal Code click here.  You cannot have any felony convictions on your record and some misdemeanors that included a probation or deferred adjudication. No pending criminal charges, nor drug or alcohol dependency charges. You cannot have certain kinds of psychological illnesses or be under a restraining/protective order. For all the Texas State eligibility requirements check the Texas Code here.

Once you've cleared that hurdle it's time to submit your application, pay the state fees, complete the Texas State LTC training course that includes class and range time, individuals that do not have a Texas DL/ID must obtain passport photos, get finger printed, complete and submit the proper documents to the state.

Upon submitting the course completion documentation the Department of Public Safety (DPS) will try to issue your license within "60 days" from the time the DPS receives your completed application packet. If the application packet is incomplete, incorrect or the DPS requires additional information (say additional arrest info), you will be contacted in writing by mail.

Okay, the "complicated" parts are behind us now. So, what's the cost to get a license to carry a handgun in the Lone Star State? Surprisingly enough not that much. For either a new or renewal license the cost is only $40. However there are some awesome discounts, for example active duty military get their licenses free and retired, reserve component and prior service military only pay $25. Senior citizens get there's license for $40 and renew for $35.

There are more discounts and other federal, state and local governmental employees that get them either free or and incredible discounts. for the complete LTC price guide check here.

Here are the places you can go for LTC training:

A & S Enterprises 133 South Leggett, call 325-280-1242

Abilene Indoor Gun Range 309 Ben Richie Drive, call (325) 698-4224

Arm Abilene LTC Certification 441 South Treadawy Blvd, call 325-232-8338

Double Diamond Gun Range 2065 US Highway 277 South Anson, call (325) 823-4867

JM4 Tactical 3250 South Treadaway Blvd, call (877) 704-5015

Lone Star Gun Training 734 Chanticleers, 325-400-9582

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