Update: January 30th 2015:

The t-shirts being offered on the Tactical website will no longer be offered once the current inventory is depleted. There are select sizes and colors still available being offered for $10.

However, there is another place to get your Christ Kyle shirts and the sale from these shirts benefit the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation. They have a great selection being offered from $25 up.

The Chris Kyle Foundation

"provide(s) meaningful, interactive experiences to service members, first responders and their families, aimed at enriching their family relationships."

via Chris Kyle Frog Foundation



Original Post: March 12th 2013:

I recently bought a shirt that has been getting a lot of attention when I wear it. Everytime I wear it I get the "where did you get that" question all day long. So I decided to post it here so you can order one as well.

As you know ex-SEAL Team member Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield were recently killed at a gun range when a deranged man shot them. This was tragic and unexpected and both families were blindsided by the event. The shirts are not only to honor them but to raise money for their families as well.

Chris Kyle was a SEAL sniper who was known for his legendary 160 confirmed kills, making him the most lethal sniper in American military history.

Chad Littlefield was Chris' neighbor and friend who was helping Chris help other men and women returning from combat fighting PTSD.

These shirts have only Chris' information about being a SEAL team member on them, but the money made on the shirts is split equally between the two men's families.

They have been so popular that the Tactical Shirts website posts that there is now a 4-6 week back order. The shirts come in 4 colors; olive, brown, navy and black.  They are $18.00 and $10.00 from the purchase of each shirt (which is all profit) goes directly to the families.