Chris Kyle is the Navy SEAL hero that has been immortalized in the touching new movie 'American Sniper'. He is the most lethal sniper in U.S. military history with 160 confirmed kills. I use the present tense because even in death he IS still those things. Texas Music artist, TJ Broscoff pays homage to this man in his new song 'Ghost Behind the Trigger'.

There has been much controversy over the last few weeks about the Clint Eastwood movie about Kyle, 'American Sniper' and that's alright. It is because of people like Kyle who keep watch over us and defend our freedoms that we have the right to openly express our opinions; that's what makes America the greatest country to live in.

The song tells the story of Kyle being a father, son, husband, soldier and friend. The video shows photos of Kyle and his family and friends along with photos of this Navy brothers and his service in Iraq. TJ's song is available on iTunes, Amazon and other online retailers with all proceeds going to the Chris Kyle Frog Fund.

Listen Here to 'Ghost Behind the Trigger'