Considering the movie is called Captain America: Civil War, it was a little strange when the first Hot Toys figures announced for the movie were War Machine and Iron Man. Sure, they'll be in the movie, and they'll play a big part in being wrong about everything because Captain America is always right. But at the end of the day, it's a Captain America movie. It's also a little bit of a Winter Soldier movie, but mostly Captain America. He is the greatest hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and his movies have been the among best ones of the bunch. Now after being separated by time, circumstance and HYDRA, Cap and Bucky will finally be reunited as they were always meant to be: as toys for me to play with.

This isn't the first rodeo for either of this characters under the Hot Toys banner, but both are getting some notable upgrades over their previous incarnations. First and foremost, Captain America is getting a whole new body to better portray his "muscularly toned body." It's hard to tell from the photos just how different this body build will be, and it may have helped to have at least one image showing the sculpt beneath the new costume to see just what we're working with. The bodies for previous Caps haven't been bad, but if we're getting the Gun Show Chris Evans on display in the new trailers, I certainly won't complain.

While the unhelmeted head sculpt of Chris Evans doesn't look much different from the Avengers: Age of Ultron figure, Hot Toys is finally changing things up for the helmeted head. Finally, someone at the company has heard my cries about all the figures having such stoic faces. Captain America will come with two different lower faces to swap out on the helmeted portrait to give him more of an intense look if you so desire. Hot Toys has done similar things with Batman and Robocop over the years, and seeing someone on the Marvel side of the equation get the same treatment is a nice move. It will certainly help break the repetitiveness of the sculpts Hot Toys has relied on for Captain America's last few figures.

Disappointingly, Hot Toys is going back to the strapped shield after using flip out handles for the the AOU iteration. I guess that means the magnetized arm is gone too. There's nothing wrong with the strapped version per se, but the straps have always been incredibly delicate, and more than few complaints have been raised in the past about them breaking. At least with the flip out handles, you didn't have to worry about such an issue happening. The rest of the figure appears to come with many of the same accessories we've seen over the years, including an almost identical set of hands as the last figure.

Since the Winter Solider has only had one other figure, Hot Toys has had plenty of time to make some improvements. The portrait is all-new, and captures Sebastian Stan quite well. It lacks the smokey eyes of the previous figure, but there's still some smoulder in that gaze. Like many of Hot Toys' figures though, Bucky still has a rather generic facial expression. I'm glad Cap comes with some extras, but we've got to diversify these faces a bit, guys. It's getting old just having everyone grump around. Unlike the last figure, which just had a metallic paint job on his robot arm, this Bucky will get a chromed-out left appendage. It looks much better with the shiny paint job than it did before.

Bucky doesn't really have much of a costume to speak of in the movies, so his black mercenary gear will just have to do. His get-up in Winter Soldier had a lot more going on, but I guess we'll just have to settle for this slimmed down approach. That less-is-more ideal carries through to Bucky's accessories, too. Instead of the wealth of armaments he previously included, the Civil War version of Bucky gets one big gun. That's it. There are a few different hands included, but one gun is all they could see to give Bucky against the likes of Black Panther and Iron Man? I get that the guy has a robot arm, but come on. Let's even that playing field with some heavy artillery.

No word on pricing or release date for either figure yet, but we'll update this post when Sideshow Collectibles has more details.

Update: Captain America is available to pre-order for $224.99. The Winter Soldier is available for pre-order for $219.99. Both are expected to arrive between July and September 2016.

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