There were all kinds of problems this holiday season with getting packages to their rightful owners this holiday season. Two delivery services were running so far behind that some people are just now getting their 'guaranteed by Christmas' packages in the mail.It seems that bad weather conditions in parts of the country, a shorter shopping season and more online buying caused a major backup at both UPS & FedEx delaying Christmas package deliveries. Today is Friday, and Dave just got a package that his parents sent him, he also ordered a package for his son that showed up late.

Here is another problem with Christmas mailing. Theft. It can happen when the mail carriers leave packages on your doorstep or even before you get your package. This is what happened to my boyfriends mother. She received a package from her daughter and thought the wrapping wasn't as it should be; she opened the package to find a cheap pair of plastic shoes. She called her daughter to find out what had been sent and it wasn't the shoes. She had sent a canister of gourmet cookies and a $25 gift card. So somewhere between mailing it in Virginia to it being received here  in Abilene someone had tampered with the package. This is a problem every season but you don't think much about it until it happens to you. Of course, you are encouraged to file a complaint with the USPS which helps with their investigations.

We learn as we go I guess. Next year I have a feeling things will be handled much better. Shipping companies will hire (hopefully) more employees to help with the Christmas package influx, retailers will not over promise deliveries, online shoppers will start earlier and everyone will be more vigilant when it comes to mailing packages without some kind of insurance.

Do you have a package delay story to share? Comment below.

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