It seems like Christina Aguilera dropped off the face of the earth for a while, and we were all left wondering when the ‘Dirrty’ star would once again get down and dirty for our viewing pleasure in new music videos. But Christina made a comeback in the past year or so, partially due to her new stint on NBC’s ‘The Voice’. Listen, the girl’s talented and all, but we’re 99% sure her regained popularity is a result of her increased cleavage action while she was taking a break.

Have you seen those puppies?! They’re awesome, to say the least. Lucky for us, the talented entertainer doesn’t waste any time at all covering up those terrific ta-ta's, even when she attends charity events.

On Wednesday, Christina attended the McGovern Leadership Award Ceremony as part of her World Food Programme Ambassador position duties, and as fate would have it, good ol’ Hillary Clinton was also in attendance.

Hillary is usually a very, very serious lady, and we’re not sure if we’ve ever seen her crack a smile before. She probably has one of Bill’s cigars stuck up her butt, but that’s besides the point. The important part here is that Christina Aguilera’s cleavage made her flash those pearly whites, and the world’s greatest photographer captured this fantastic moment. Of course critics are probably denying the fact that Mrs. Clinton was checking out that boob situation, but we beg to differ.

Bet Hillary is good at "Guess the Cleavage."