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While the list of the "Best Rated SUVs for Winter Driving" is what I call OpEd it is spot on in my opinion. This list imparticular was put together by the online car magazine "Torque" and the New England Motor Press Association (NEMPA). These folks are better acquainted with driving in snow and ice conditions more often than we do in Texas.

Furthermore, NEMPA takes testing vehicles seriously. Take into account that they are smack-dab in the middle of the Atlantic Northeast snow-belt, where they plow snow as many as seven months out of the year. Take into account that the manufacturers also tend to send some unusually fitted SUVs for the weather there. You are not going to find those special vehicles on a dealer lot anywhere in Texas.

Nonetheless, the base-packaged SUVs are run through the testing as well. With cold weather hitting us now and the threat of frozen precipitation looming over us it's time to look seriously at the TorqueNews chart below and understand that some vehicles do better than others.

I drive a huge 4-wheel drive Dodge Truck with big snow tires and I know my limitations. However, my wife has what I believe is the best "all-weather" SUV ever. When we were in Kansas and it snowed for two weeks straight she was all over town as if it were the middle of summer in her Toyota Highlander.

Here are the best SUVs for winter conditions heading into the 2023 winter driving season.
Chart of best 2023 winter SUVs by John Goreham
Chart of best 2023 winter SUVs by John Goreham

So, as far as I'm concerned I'm getting her another Highlander or maybe upgrading to the 4Runner but it will be an all-wheel drive Toyota. The New England Motor Press Association chart does list one Toyota.

I admit that I learned (from a tire store employee) that the type of tires, inflation, and weight distribution have a lot to do with traversing through the elements successfully. The video below shares tips on how to drive in bad weather.

Before you head out check the road conditions through the DPS website and get the latest road conditions before heading out. Safe Travels Y'all.

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