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Hendrick Regional Blood Center is in need of blood and regular blood donors. A few years ago when my dad first fell ill, I became a "regular blood donor" up until then it was "I'll give here and there" but never on a consistent basis. It wasn't until my dad needed blood and they were short on it. That's when it all made sense for me to sign up and donate on a regular basis.

Nowadays, I get regular calls from the nice folks over at Hendrick Regional Blood Center to remind me that if I want to donate again that I am clear and ready to donate. I feel so good too when I give blood knowing that I might be helping a dad or mom grandma or grandpa or someone's child that is sick. Nonetheless, I believe that we should all give as often as we can.

Below I've listed several donation events that will be taking place in and around  Abilene. If you can make it by the mobile donation bus please do. You never know when we'll run into each other and we both, you and I will be wearing the same shirt from the same blood drive.

Remember you don't have to wait to give blood when you see the buses running all over West Texas, you can go to the hospital and give there. In fact, that's where I go upstairs, and give the kind of donation where it takes about 30 minutes and while there, I can read, take a nap are just chill and relax. Nonetheless, here's where you'll see the Hendrick Regional Blood Mobile Donation Unit.

Photo by FCN David Kessell
Photo by FCN David Kessell

CANCELED: Monday, April 18th at 11 AM: The blood Drive in Winters at 500 S Main St, has been canceled.

Wednesday, April 20th at 10 AM: Blood Drive at Hendrick Medical Center southside inside the Women's Center 6250 US Highway 83, Abilene.

Friday, April 22nd at 11 AM: Blood Drive at The Mall of Abilene look for the Hendrick Regional Blood Mobile Donation Unit.

Sunday, April 24th at 9 AM: Blood Drive at the Bethel Assembly Church of Anson located at 101 Commercial Ave. in Anson. Look for the Hendrick Regional Blood Mobile Donation Unit.

Wednesday, April 27th at 8 AM: Blood Drive at Hendrick Regional Blood Center located at 1701 pine street inside the Hendrick Regional Blood Center.

Friday, April 29th at 8 AM: Blood Drive at Abilene's First Financial Bank at 400 Pine St. Abilene. Look for the Hendrick Regional Blood Mobile Donation Unit.

For more information or to book an appointment call 325-670-2790.

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