Those 2 a day football workouts have begun across the state.  With the temperatures in most of the state rising into the triple digits it's necessary to keep the kids hydrated and keep their body temperature below 102 to avoid heat stroke.  There have already been a couple of deaths due to the heat.  A new company based in Dallas has rolled out a product to keep heat stroke from happening.The Dallas company Hothead Technologies has come up with a wireless bio-sensor that can alert coaches when a players temperature reaches a dangerous level therefore preventing heat stroke.

The sensor is placed in the helmet, or used in a specially made sweatband, it reads the body temperature at the temporal lobe.  The trainer/coach can digitally monitor, from a handheld device, up to 150 players at 300 yds.  The device will alert the trainer/ coach if a players temperature reaches a dangerous level.

These are not only great devices for athletes but also firefighters, construction workers, military or anyone who spends a lot of time in the hot outdoors.

The following video demonstrates exactly how the product works.  I think if it will prevent deaths then I think every athletic team or company should be required to use them.