Well he's at it again. Harold Camping is predicting this Friday, October 21st will be Doomsday. This is his third prediction now, maybe someday he will get it right. But I'm not holding my breath that it's this Friday.

Harold Camping is 90 years old so I'm guessing his Doomsday isn't too far in the future but for the rest of us it might be awhile. Camping previously predicted a date in 1994, that didn't happen so he moved it to May 21st of this year, that didn't happen either. Now he's predicting that it's this Friday.

When Camping's spring prediction didn't take place he said it was just the "beginning of the end" of the so called Rapture but that it would take 5 months for the actual Doomsday to take place, therefore Friday should be the day.

This time around though Camping isn't hyping his prediction as he did in May. He's already been embarrassed and proven wrong twice now. Maybe the third times the charm?

If you think you can be saved now it's too late, that apparently was done on May 21st. Those that are going to Heaven have already been chosen but they don't know it yet. No one will know for sure if they've been saved until the end.  I guess Friday we will find out who those "chosen one's" were.

But the same thing became true this past May 21, even though no one was raptured. No one who had not become saved by that date can ever become saved. God tells us in Revelation 22:10-12:


Believe Camping or not that is your choice.  Although I don't think any of us are "guaranteed" a tomorrow, only the present is for certain.  I for one, though,  will take my chances and go ahead and make my plans for Saturday.