Hardin Simmons University kicked off the football season by introducing their new and already famous mascot, 'Hoss' Cartwright. If the name sounds familiar it is.

'Hoss Cartwright' was a character on the television western series "Bonanza". The roll of Hoss was played by a former HSU football player and Hardin Simmons graduate, Dan Blocker.

Dan did not start out acting, it was only after his Hardin Simmons girlfriend talked him into playing a roll in an HSU play. It was then that Blocker decided to persue acting instead of continuing football career.

The rest as they say in Hollywood is "history". Dan Blocker appeared in the #1 rated TV show “Bonanza” for over thirteen years and over 400 episodes. Dan played the roll of Hoss as a gentle but giant 6’4″, 300 lb cowboy..

HSU hopes to portray their school spirit in the same vein as Blocker did with Hoss as   "gentle but with a giant spirit".

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