Texas Red Dirt artist Granger Smith's alter ego character Earl Dibbles Junior has decided to address a couple of current, hot political issues we're all dealing with right now. First and foremost, it's the U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Fauci's "federal mandate" policy. All I'm gonna say is It's a play on words.

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Check Out These Two Latest Videos Of Earl Dibbles Junior

Secondly, Earl Junior, who's never been short on words, or afraid to discuss anything, also addressed another hot topic here in the Lone Star State, the "taking a  shot." While everyone is entitled to their own opinion Mr. Dibbles wants to share his frustration with the danger of "taking a shot."

Granted it's all a play on words and it makes for a hilarious couple of videos, and yes "taking the shot" had me locked in watching because I was thinking he was talking about the COVID vaccination.

I'll make the guess that the "Taking the Shot" video will be very popular around the hunting camp this year. I've been a Granger Smith and Earl Dibbles Junior fan for as long as I can remember. What has blown me away, was his chart success.

For the record, Granger has over ten albums, several EP's, a couple of dozen music videos, he's had three singles in the top twenty on Billboard's Hot 100 music charts, and he's got a very popular podcast where anything goes.

Finally, I included this video below of both Granger and Earl doing an interview together, and if you think for one minute Granger and Earl are one in the same, Think again.

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