Every year one of the television music channels always comes out with the infamous list of to top ten something or other. This year GAC TV drew first blood, with their list of Top Ten Dads. So here's the list and while I don't know what criteria was used I'm sure there are a lot of awesome dads in music city USA.

The GAC Top Ten List does not rank the dads it just lists them. I will interject this thought, all of the dads on this list are still "working on the road" dads, that means they still go out and perform on stage. Some go out nightly while others like George Strait perform maybe once or twice a month. Here goes,



George Strait and his son Bubba both competes in team roping events and Bubba is the co-writer on his dad’s newest release , “Here For A Good Time.” In 1986, George and Norma Strait lost their daughter, Jenifer, when she died in a car accident. The Strait's set up a foundation in their daughters honor which gives to money to kids charities in San Antonio, Texas.




Brad Paisley is the coolest dad on the list. Not only can he sing and play guitar, but Brad is awesome at doing animation and he creates videos that play during his concerts. His kids are Huck and Jasper and if they're anything like dad they're sure to grow up being master pranksters like their daddy.





Keith Urban’s girls are Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret. Keith plans all his shows so that he doesn’t spend more than a few days away from his daughters and wife Nicole. Those close to the Urban's say Sunday is trekking along in dads shoes because she sings all the time.






Luke Bryan has two little boys. Luke’s oldest son Bo has picked up some of dad’s dance moves, making appearances onstage on several occasions, many of which found their way on YouTube. Luke’s youngest son is Tatum, 1 year old.





Tim McGraw is a star on the big screen as well as on the radio. And when he's not on stage he's the big super star to his three girls. Grace, Audrey and Maggie often tour with Tim and mom  Faith Hill on the road. Tim also coaches their softball and basketball teams when he's not starring in a movie or doing the big stadium shows.




Trace Adkins is holding his daughters a lot closer this Father’s Day especially after the June 4th fire that burned down his home. Thankfully no one was hurt. In fact is was learned, well after the fire, that one of his daughters went back into the house and saved the puppies. His daughters are, Trinity, Mackenzie, Brianna. Trace also has two older daughters (from a previous marriage), Tarah and Sarah.





Jason Aldean has two girls, Keeley and Kendyl. Jason says takes the songs he records home to play for his wife, Jessica, and his girls, as they have a knack for picking out which ones will be the big hits.






Josh Turner is a true family man because he involves his wife, Jennifer, who plays in his band, and his three boys, Hampton, Colby and Marion. Josh keeps the boys close by, as they go on the road with him. The tour bus is home to the Turner boys.






Dierks Bentley is the proud papa of two very sweet little girls, Evalyn and Jordan, who truly rule their dad. When Jordan was born in December, Dierks Twitted the announcement of her birth.




Eric Church


Eric Church made the list although he is not official a father yet, he is a father to be, his wife is due to deliver their first son sometime in late July. The list was released  this past week online at www.gactv.com