Jeremy Mayfield was a NASCAR driver that was suspended indefinitely in 2009 for violating the substance abuse policy of the racing organization. There was a raid on his North Carolina property earlier this month and then this past week even more searches of his property took place. It seems he just keeps getting deeper and deeper into trouble.

In the 2009 incident a failed drug test led to Mayfield's indefinite suspension from racing. He tested positive for methamphetamines. Mayfield claims he has a prescription for ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and that mixed with allergy medications caused a false-positive reading. NASCAR didn't buy that, so he was suspended. He now has a law suit against NASCAR pending.

Earlier this month Mayfield's home was raided by authorities on a tip, that Mayfield's attorney says is unfounded, but which led to the recovery of drugs and over $100,000 in stolen property.

Back in February it seems Mayfield and another man were seen on the property of Anderson Truck Lines, they were approached by police at the time and they told them they were just resting. The police left. A few hours later 4 trailers from the company were reported stolen.

When the warrant on Mayfield earlier this month was served, some stolen goods were seized and other things were simply photographed and logged.

This past week when police again served Mayfield with a search warrant they were looking for the furniture from the photographs that Anderson Truck Lines identified as their stolen property.

Mayfield has been formally indicted on the drug charges from the possession of methamphetamine. When his property was searched 1.5 grams was seized along with the $100,000 in stolen property (no indictment or charges have been brought on the theft yet).

Mayfield also seems to be in a lot of financial trouble as well, owing thousands in property and state taxes, defaulted loans, credit cards and legal fees just to name a few.

A hearing on Mayfield's lawsuit against NASCAR is scheduled for January. The hearing will determine whether or not the law suit will be allowed to move forward.