My mom is the best mom in the world.  She has always been there for me, put me through school, let me move back in after college and has always supported me in everything I've done.  I have danced since I was 2 years old.  She took me to lessons every week.  As I got older and more involved in

school events like drama and speech, she took me to competitions on weekends.  Then came high school where I was in pep squad and then flag corp.  Again mom took me to practices (til I was able to drive).  Then she became a sponsor for some of these events.  She rode the buses to band competitions, flag competitions, going to the Rose Parade whatever it was she was there.  Now I'm not an only child I have a brother 4 years younger who was also involved in soccer, baseball, tennis and other events.....she was there at his practices and games too.  By the way she had a full time and part time job as well.  She taught school for 42 years.  Retiring last year, but she is still tutoring.  Now we travel together and experience adventures I never imagined possible.

I don't have kids of my own but I am helping with my boyfriends 11 year old son.  He is involved in baseball

and it can get quite busy during the week so I'm getting a small taste of what she did.   I can never repay my mom for everything she has done and still does for me.  However, I try to do nice things for her when I can.  I fixed lunch today.  Grilled hamburgers, cowboy potatoes, stuffed jalapenos and banana pudding.  We also like to do things together like make jewelry, shop, pretty much everything.  Mom and I are very close and enjoy alot of the same things.  I'm lucky I guess.  I know alot of girls who just didn't get along with their mom's and I never understood that, because my mom was always with me.  Today was no different.  After we ate lunch we made some jewelry.  I enjoy our time together, some people aren't as lucky as me and I know that; it makes me appreciate her even more!!!!  Love you momma!