There are people who can take photographs and it means nothing they are just pictures. Then there are people who know how to use a camera like an artist uses a paintbrush and come up with some fascinating photographs that are more like works of art. That is exactly what Natsumi Hayashi does, she is a Japanese woman with an eye for some great photographs that have been dubbed "flying girl photography".

There is a skill to what Natsumi does with her photos. She takes the pictures and makes herself look like she is flying through the air or levitating. There are no blurry images either. She knows exactly how to set the shutter speed to capture crystal clear images of herself "flying" while the rest of the photo is left undisturbed.

Natsumi Hayashi or yowayowa ("weak" in Japanese) as she calls herself, lives in Tokyo with her two cats! She has a blog site, yowayowa camera woman diary, herself that she updates daily with her unique photos. She even explains on her site how to take these photos yourself; so if you're a camera buff and have the equipment you might want to give this a try.

Of course, like everyone else, she also has a Facebook page where you can share your levitating/flying photos.