Even in the midst of a natural disaster is the need for laughter, and the fine folks of Florida have taken it upon themselves to do just that.

While posting a few selfies as they head out to do some work, the Gainesville Police Department, has been 'flooded' (pardon the pun) with attention from females. I don't think these pics were taken with the intent of receiving the kind of interest they did though.

The pics have gone viral with women posting and calling wanting to know if the guys are single. Yes, ladies are finding them so handsome that their social media comments are causing the police chief to 'blush' as their Facebook states. It has also spawned a calendar that is now in the works with proceeds to benefit Irma relief efforts.

It also has some fire departments and other area law enforcement agencies posting pics of their 'hunks' too! Any woman would gladly be cuffed and frisked by these LEO's. I'll let you head over to their FB page and read all the comments....no seriously go read them!

Here is the pic that got it all started.

Here is another. Now they are just doing this on purpose!

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