It was eight years ago that Twitter moved onto the social media stage.  To celebrate, the company is inviting users to join its founders for a trip back in time...all the way to their very first tweet.

Hoping that the trip down memory lane will be a pleasant and nostalgic one, it will no doubt be a reminder for many of how the world of technology has changed in the past decade.

Since its launch the company has become valued at more than $310 million, debuting on the New York Stock Exchange on November 8, 2013 at $45.10 a share.

Business and social media analysts consider the company - along with Facebook - a game-changer.  Twitter now boasts having more than 645 million users (as of this posting on March 21, 2014) who send a total of about 58 million tweets a day according to Statistic Brain.

The site has set the new standard for brevity in conversation, setting the bar for "keeping it short and sweet," limiting tweets to about 140 characters or fewer.

Interested in finding your first tweet?  Click the button below to get started:

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