Yeah, I'm a farmer and I know a bunch of you are too because, well, you're my neighbors!!  If you remember last year Zynga the creators of Farmville asked us to collect limited edition items to raise money for Haiti.  Over $1.5 million was collected to give to the almost destroyed country.  I know everybody says "geez you play those stupid games?", well, yep I do and see I helped  Haiti rebuild schools.   We all did.

Often lambasted for being a waste of time and designed to exploit naturally addictive human tendencies, the game has generally been viewed in a negative light -- in part because of its immense popularity. Critics scold the game for its drain on human capital while in turn giving little back.

Facebook is fun and yes addictive too but there are sometimes good things about it as well.  So lets keep farmin', fishin', bakin', frontierin' and yo'in !!!!