Ex-Miss USA Susie Castillo is upset and emotionally distraught after being "groped" by a TSA agent at the Dallas/Fort-Worth Airport.Ms. Castillo claims she was groped in a way that she believes was inappropriate during the pat down process.  Now if you choose to not go through the body scanner then you must go through the pat down process.  I'm not a fan of having to do either, but we have to for safety.  I don't see that the scanners cause huge amounts of radiation which is what she is claiming keeps her from doing that and chooses the pat down instead.  That is your choice, you made it now suffer the consequences.  You are in a public place being searched by another female.  I think she is making a lot more out of this than should be and she is doing it for publicity.  I guess she might rethink that body scanner next time.  Here is her personal video that she posted on YouTube.

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