Continuing his pattern of teasing his new music before dropping the album, Eric Church has shared the 10th track from his upcoming record Desperate Man. Readers can press play above to hear a snippet of "Jukebox and a Bar."

"Jukebox and a Bar" finds Church brokenhearted, but knowing the perfect, "time-tested" remedy: a jukebox and a bar. "One pushes me up the mountain, and one rolls me down the hill," he explains in the song's chorus.

"So you can keep your fancy potions and your incandescent notions," continues the chorus of "Jukebox and a Bar." "As for me and my barely beating heart / There's no better prescription for my broken disposition / Than a jukebox and a bar."

Desperate Man is due out on Oct. 5, and only two songs from the album have yet to be shared: the opener, "The Snake," and the closing track, "Drowning Man." In addition to releasing the album's title track as a single, Church has shared snippets of "Higher Wire," "Some of It," "Hippie Radio," "Solid" and "Hangin' Around," as well as the full versions of "Heart Like a Wheel" and "Monsters."

Desperate Man is slotted for release on Oct. 5.

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