Before they shot last year's sleeper success 'Prisoners,' actor Jake Gyllenhaal and director Denis Villeneuve collaborated on 'Enemy,' which found some love on the festival circuit. Now, four months after their second film together opened, the full 'Enemy' trailer is here to point to a theatrical release.

More outwardly pulpy than the extremely somber 'Prisoners,' 'Enemy' tells the story of a man who discovers his exact double and proceeds to do what most of us would do if we discovered someone who looks exactly like us: stalk him. The trailer's hazy tone suggests a movie that will be filled with all kinds of surreal moments and the casting of Isabella Rossellini in a supporting role essentially confirms it. Yep, 'Enemy' looks odd, but there's no denying the appeal of watching Jake Gyllenhaal act alongside Jake Gyllenhaal. He now joins the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Armie Hammer in the pantheon of actors who have co-starred with themselves.

In all seriousness, 'Prisoners' was a flawed but extremely well-made movie. Villeneuve shows exceptional promise behind the camera and Gyllenhaal, when properly motivated, can be one heck of an actor. 'Enemy' looks like a scrappier movie, but that could actually work out in its favor. In any case, it has our attention.

'Enemy' arrives in theaters on February 6, courtesy of A24 Films.

Enemy Poster
A24 Films

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