Giuliana is the host of E! Entertainment Televisions weekly show but she also has a reality show with husband Bill Rancic. They have made it no secret, in fact their reality show has followed their plight to have a baby through IVF treatments. Now those plans have been put on hold while Giuliana seeks treatment for breast cancer.

During the last couple of years Bill & Giuliana have tried twice to have a child through IVF treatments, getting pregnant the second time but then losing the baby after 8 weeks. Their show left off last season with them heading to a Colorado clinic for a third try. It was during this time that Giuliana was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Her doctor told her he would not do IVF treatments with out her first getting a mammogram. She is only 36 with no family history of breast cancer and did not feel in necessary to have the mammogram but the doctor insisted. He told her that if there was even a slight possibility of cancer being there the hormones from IVF would only accelerate the cancer growth so he refused to do treatments until she was given a clean mammogram. She eventually went for the test; it came back positive.

Giuliana now faces surgery and 6 weeks of radiation treatments but it was caught in very early stages so is expected to recover fully. Once she is given a clean bill of health then she says they plan on trying again to have a baby. Saying that it was meant to be, this happened for a reason and that when she does have a baby it will be that baby that saved her life.


If you are in need of a mammogram but have little or no insurance coverage please contact The Alliance For Women and Children here in Abilene. They help women get mammograms and even help with paperwork and follow-ups all the way through surgical procedures if necessary.