Jase and Missy Robertson might have thought they were done with babies, but a newborn "fell right out of the sky" for them. The Duck Dynasty couple — both over 50 years old — shared the news on social media and on their Unashamed podcast.

The newborn baby boy is not their biological child, and it remains to be seen how long they'll care for him. It's not, however, a short-term arrangement. Missy Robertson was doing media for her children's book when she got a call.

"It was from one of the girls that we've done ministry with in the past," she shares. "She mentioned another girl that was also involved in all that ministry ... She was in jail, just had a baby and signed him over to me. I said, 'Do what?'"

The baby was two days old and ready to go home, which was a lot to take in for the couple. Jase Robertson's response was very positive from the get-go. His wife shares that he said "That's amazing" and adds that Jase had baptized this woman two years ago, and Phil had talked about Jesus with her.

"Living a life of addiction and having a baby and (she) thought of us as the safest place for this baby to go," Missy Robertson says. Both of them consider the new baby boy a blessing.

"Please pray for this baby, his mother and for us during this uncertain time," Jase Robertson writes. "My wife is a rock star!"

The Instagram photos he chose feature his wife with her book, as well as the new baby's toes. Together, Jase and Missy Robertson have three children: Cole, Reed and Mia.

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