Blake Shelton sat down with Country Aircheck CEO and Country Countdown USA host Lon Helton at this year’s Country Radio Seminar for a conversation about the country music industry and his career. In the interview, Shelton broached the subject of the eventual and inevitable end of his country music career, saying he has prepared himself for the day when he will no longer record music.

"It’s always over at some point, and I’ve always been prepared for that and I’ve braced myself for it," he admits. "I learned to accept it a few years ago, maybe three or four or five years ago that it’s coming."

Upon further reflection, Shelton recognizes the great success he’s had throughout his more than 20-year career, but he also believes that fans may eventually tune out his music, despite that success.

"People are going to get tired of you winning the awards," he adds. "They’re going to get tired of you having No. 1, after No. 1, after No. 1, and they may not be mad at you, but they’ve already got two or three of your albums. How many albums do I need by Blake Shelton?"

While this may be somewhat worrying news for fans, Shelton implied that he still has some time left on his career clock. However, he says that when he begins to feel the tides of the format move toward younger, up-and-coming stars, he will humbly bow out and allow for them to take his place. Shelton also affirms that he is full of gratitude for the immense success he’s been afforded throughout the years.

"You have to be honest with yourself and you can’t believe that this is going to go on forever because it’s not," he says. "I want to make great records and the moment that I feel like I’m really not that relevant anymore, I don’t think I want to make them anymore."

"I’m not somebody that’s ever going to beat my head against the wall, because this room, these people, this industry has given me way, way more than I ever deserved," he adds. "I know that and I’m thankful and I’m proud of that. When it’s my time to make room for somebody else, the last thing I want to do is kick and scream to keep my spot."

Shelton made his debut in country music back in 2001 with the now-classic hit, “Austin.” The singer has since won numerous awards, released 12 studio albums and earned 28 No. 1 hits. He has also reached nationwide fame through his various entertainment endeavors, including serving as a coach on The Voice for 10 years (and counting).

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