“Girl in Pieces,” the opening track of Drake White’s 2018 Pieces EP, tells the story of his romance with his now-wife Alex.

The story of the song -- and of the start of their relationship --  is this: While the two actually met in high school, White and Alex didn’t start dating until years later, when they were in their 20s. White had returned to his hometown for Christmas and ran into Alex, whom, he tells Taste of Country, he remembered as “one of those people who was always full of energy and glowing.” But the person he saw over that Christmas seemed different -- like she was “beat down” and “struggling.” As White would later learn, she was in the process of ending a bad relationship.

“She was married a couple years before [we met], and it ended bad,” White shares. “The guy she married was a drug addict, and he’s better now I guess, but it just was a bad thing. A lot happened, you know?”

Incredibly, while “Girl in Pieces” seems to perfectly tell Alex and White’s story, he didn’t even write the song (busbee, Brad Tursi and Troy Verges did). Somehow, though, it captured their story perfectly. Still, White tells Billboard of the first time he heard the song, “I listened to it, and couldn’t believe that I didn’t write it.”

On his website, White continues, “There’s even a line in the song, ‘The green in your eyes is all over the floor,’ and Alex has green eyes. [The song] is my story, and I think it’s a message a lot of people need to hear to get out of a negative situation.”

Since that Christmas, White has made it his mission to show Alex how valuable she is as a person. She’s changed him, too: “She’s made me so much better as a person,” White tells Taste of Country.

Alex is a former elementary school teacher-turned-business owner. She left teaching at the end of 2015 to start Milk and Honey Food Company, a catering and gourmet food business the mission of which is to help feed families in need.

When it comes to White, Alex describes him in an Instagram post as “my handsome, silly, hardworking hubby.” She continues, “Thanks for always making me giggle and grin through this wild and crazy life.” In another Instagram post, written for his birthday in 2018, Alex shares a picture of White and says, “I sure do love you, your heart … and those dimples.😉

“She’s unbelievable,” White gushes of his wife. “She’s way better in person than even what everyone is seeing on her Instagram and stuff. She’s just incredible. And having her in my life came to be because I let go and trusted God, for sure. I feel very lucky.”

White proposed to Alex on March 21, 2014. The two were married less than three months later, on June 8, 2014.

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