Drake White has toured the U.S. with acts including Zac Brown Band and Kip Moore, bringing his unique flavor of soul and country music to the masses. However, after releasing two EPs and his 2016 major label debut, Spark, the singer was dropped from Big Machine Label Group.

Rather than see this as a setback, White is instead choosing to be even more excited about the future.

"No man wants to be dropped, or fired from a job or anything," White tells Pop Culture. "But I knew it made me so hungry. Back when I got dropped from Universal five years ago, it was God's way of just showing me, just testing me. Because I know He's got great things around the corner for us.

"I know He does. I know it" the singer adds. "I've dreamed about it and I feel it. And I have faith that that's coming...For me, it kind of puts another arrow in my quiver and prepares me for even a bigger thing."

The singer tells the publication that he's well aware his brand of country is different than what's heard on mainstream radio. He describes it as "Muscle Shoal southern-fried, soul, funky country music," and promises fans there is more new music on the horizon.

"I've got some music in the studio," he says, explaining that he decided to take the opportunity work on tunes that were rejected by his former label. "I went straight to work and started recording all these songs that I had written that for one reason or another the label said, 'I don't know if that'll work at radio. I'm not sure.' Or, 'Man I think this is great for radio. I think this is great commercially but, eh.'"

White knows that some of his new music may be a risk, but he remains confident in the direction of his career, and promises fans he's not going anywhere. With a tour lined up through the majority of 2018, he is now working to serve his audience.

"I'm gonna go out and do exactly what I know what we are great at. And we are great at it, at going out and doing it and having fun with it, serving these fans, and that's what we're doing," he concedes.

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