The Abilene Philharmonic's 'Zoo Concert Series' is back with their fun family concert "Pops in the Park." The concerts will be held in the great outdoors inside the Abilene Zoo grounds. So, bring your blankets and lawn chairs and get ready to sit back and relax and take in the sights and sounds.

The Philharmonic is presenting 'Pops in the Park' it's where Classical music meets Pop music. What exactly is "Classical Pops"? More to the point it's where you might hear a Pop hit song like from Billy Joel combined with a classical Beethoven Sonata classic, or a Lady Gaga pop hit would be combined with Mozart's String Quartet No. 21. Whatever the combinations are, they always sound great.

The best part of the Pops in the Park returning is that Broadway star Niki Scalera is also returning to Abilene for an evening of rocking Broadway hits and some of her popular showstoppers. Niki will be backed by an awesome rock combo of Philharmonic Orchestra musicians and Maestro Itkin on piano. It's promising to be an incredible evening.

The Abilene Zoo is at 2070 Zoo Lane, in south Abilene and the first of the concert series will be Saturday, September 18 with music beginning at 7:30 PM The zoo gates will open at 5 PM so that one can take in the zoo. Food and adult beverages will be available for sale on the night of the Philharmonic's 'Pops in the Park'.

Ticket prices are $7.50 for children ages 6 to 12 and $17.50 for adults and can be purchased online. The Abilene Zoo and Philharmonic are offering special discount pricing for large groups. To reverse your tickets or for more information call, Serayah Peters at the Abilene Philharmonic 325-677-6710.

This is a very unique open-air experience with lots of room for everyone at the Abilene Zoo. So get ready to have some real fun.

Additional tips and guidelines to follow when visiting the Abilene Zoo:

  • Covid Safety guidelines will be encouraged
  • Open are: Zoo eats, giraffe feeding experience, gift shop, and carousel
  • Closed are the Safari Train Express, and Swan Boats.
  • Food for hand feeding the giraffe is $5.

The Abilene Zoo is located at 2070 Zoo Lane Abilene, Texas. For more information please call 325-676-6085

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Photo by: Abilene Zoo/Jesse Pottebaum
Photo by: Abilene Zoo/Jesse Pottebaum

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