Houston's Fox-26 just reported in the video above that the deadly flesh eating bacteria has been discovered in Galveston. 50 year old Brian Parrott spent the weekend at the beach swimming with his family.

Four days later, Brian was having his leg amputated. Parrott had a scratch on his leg and being that he is diabetic, that may have accelerated the virus.

Last year a Dallas woman lost an eye to this nasty bacteria. A couple years ago a 24 year old Georgia college student contracted the deadly flesh eating bacteria.

I began researching to see if the 'flesh eating disease' was in Abilene. Dr. Yamini Kalla says "yes, the bacteria is just about everywhere. It's mainly found around unclean water sources like rivers, creeks, lakes, ponds, dirty pools and mud."

"Don't try and treat it yourself. Get professional help from an infectious disease doctor, if you are a diabetic, have had dialysis, been on chronic steroids, liver problems or chemotherapy stay away from unclean sources of water, especially if you have an open sore".
Source: Abilene Infectious Disease Yamini Kalla, M.D.

What surprised me is that Dr. Kalla treats a couple of patients every year for the very flesh eating bacteria called 'Necrotizing Fasciitis' right here in Abilene.

While the flesh eating bacteria eats mainly at the flesh it can also devour muscle tissue, organs and cause major health problems even death, if left untreated.

CAUTION: Graphic Video

Will you go swimming in a lake, pond or ocean now?

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