On Christmas day I had relatives come to my house, they were coughing and looking sickly. I asked them to leave because I didn't want to catch whatever they had. I didn't, but my wife, child and dad all got what was later discovered to be the flu. I got on the web to check what could be done to avoid catching what they had. That's when I found this "Misconceptions About Getting Sick" video.

After the offending sick relatives left, I did what I always do after coming into close proximity of sick people. I washed my hands and face with antibacterial soap. I sprayed the area with disinfectant spray. I put a light layer of analgesic vapo-rub around my nostrils and I upped my vitamin-C dosage for the next week.

Oh by the way, did I tell you? I didn't get sick and nearly everyone else did. Nonetheless, I came across this video and thought we could all benefit from it.

Check out This Video on the Misconceptions about Getting Sick

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