The argument begins with a simple question: "What do you want to eat?" Why is it when we decide to go out to eat, it often morphs from that simple question to a minor heated argument? Today I have a remedy, and at the same time, you'll be supporting local businesses in Abilene.

In downtown Abilene, Texas, by golly America, there is a whole new world sprouting up. These additions are breathing new life into the city, bringing in gift shops, clothing stores, breweries, bars and restaurants. Allow me to add that these restaurants are incredible.

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Abilene's downtown area has grown like crazy and restaurants are popping up everywhere. The best part about all of this is that they're not franchises but locally-owned mom-and-pop shops. So when one dines in downtown Abilene you are indeed supporting Abilene and our local economy.

Here's a rundown of the restaurants in downtown Abilene that are in the photo gallery below. If I missed one please let me know and comment below.

LOOK: These Restaurants Are All in Downtown Abilene

Abilene's best downtown restaurants (click the name for their website):

So next time you're hungry and in the mood for a burger, Mexican food, something vegan, or whatever your heart desires, look no further than downtown Abilene.

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