If you play Diablo 3, you might be interested to know what the team at Blizzard have been up to and what their plans are for the future.

An update on the Diablo 3 blog runs through the reasons why Team Deathmatch won't be coming to the game. Though players were able to check out early playable versions of the mode at the BlizzCons, the devs at Blizz say it's just not good enough.

In the blog post, Jay Wilson states that fighting other players in the game might be fun, but the novelty would wear out pretty quickly unless further play was incentivized, either with objectives to complete or rewards to earn. He also says that Diablo 3's gameplay was meant to highlight PvE (Player vs. Environment), so if you translate the class skills to a deep experience focused on PvP (Player vs. Player), there would need to be a lot of balancing done.

So while TDM won't be coming to the game as originally planned, there are still PvP options for players hungry to virtually beat down on their peers, like the option to participate in duels. Dueling is going to be released with patch 1.0.7, which players will be able to download for free after the new year.

For more on the PvP update, check out the whole post on the blog.

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