Patch 1.0.7 for Diablo 3 has gone live in North America, bringing with it a bevy of changes, the most important of which lets players duke it out in one-on-one Brawls.

The blog has been updated with the very latest notes from the patch, letting players know what mechanics have been tweaked and what features they should expect to see in the game.

Some highlights are the addition of Brawling (which is basically a dueling system), experience bonuses, Nephalem Valor stacks, bug fixes, a new PvP chat channel, and a few changes to the classes. Monks and Wizards seem to have gotten some pretty tasty damage buffs, receiving increased damage for some skills in excess of 200% to 500%.

The rest of the update includes bug fixes and a few minor changes to items. You can check out all of the patch notes on the blog post here.

If you play Diablo 3, let us know how you feel about the changes!

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