[WARNING: graphic images of insect bites included in this content]

The radio station's exterminator was recently making the rounds when he stopped off in my studio spraying for bugs. I asked him, "What are some poisonous insects that are very dangerous and even deadly?"

His answer caught me off guard because I've seen these critters around my house as well as around the station, and even one in my studio. The scary part is that these insects are very common throughout West Texas.

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Since we didn't have a really cold winter or snowpocalypse to kill a lot of them off, we will likely see more and more of them this year. What are the Deadly Texas 3? They are the Africanized Bees, Black Widow Spiders, and my least favorite of all, those sneaky Brown Recluse Spiders.

The exterminator went on to say, "Texas is notorious for having brown recluse spiders. These little ugly creatures of death like it hot and dark." So what place in your home or business is hot and dark? That would be the attic.

Years ago when we moved into our current home, I had a brown recluse fall out of the AC vent onto me while I was lying in bed one night. The next morning I called exterminators to come and spray. Yes, the brown recluse spider can be deadly. The Texas Department of Health and Human Services says that the recluse likes to work at night.

The Africanized bees are the deadliest of all. Yes, there have been a few fatalities reported in Texas caused by these killer bees. The Texas A&M Forest Service says for bee removal one should visit Texas Apiary Inspection Service.

As for black widow spiders, they are venomous and their bite can cause all kinds of pain, muscle cramps, spasms, and even death. Fatalities are somewhat rare however;  young children, the sick, and the elderly are more at risk.

So, as you start your spring cleaning, the Texas Department of Health and Human Services stay alert to places like firewood piles, attics, barns, patios, decks, under eaves, in meter boxes, and even in shoes you've left on the porch.

These insects are very dangerous and can be deadly. If you are bitten or stung, seek medical attention immediately.

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