I've only recently discovered the magic behind Airbnb, and its counterpart Vrbo, and must say I really enjoy the comfort and price-point when planning family vacations. Basically, those rental outlets are like a bed and breakfast, but without the breakfast. Well, that is, unless you cook it yourself.

Many times, you'll be able to find a stay for less than the cost of a hotel, and often, you get much more privacy and comfort with your rental.

So, while looking for places to stay for a few upcoming trips, I decided to see what's available here in good ol' Abilene. Surprisingly, there are quite a few comfy little places that would be perfect for anyone visiting the area. Best of all, what I'm about to show you are all at, or under, the $60 price point. Also, I made sure all of these mentioned were by Airbnb Superhosts. A Superhost is someone who ranks very high in reviews and referrals. In essence, these are the best of the best, for the price point, in the Abilene area.

LOOK: Abilene Airbnb Stays at $60 and Under

As of writing this article, there are a total of 22 Airbnb stays in the Abilene area that only cost $60 and under. When you cast a broader net, price-wise, there are well over 200 rentals, on Airbnb, in Abilene.

So if you're coming to town for the rodeo, ACU Sing-Song, or just to visit, just know there are options other than hotels. Especially since the hotels typically sell out pretty fast around here during peak tourist season.

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