Houston native Cory Morrow is a singer/songwriter who has made a name for himself in the Texas Music scene. He tours non-stop throughout the state and beyond spreading great music to anyone who will listen.Morrow started playing guitar in his early teens and was writing songs while in high school. It wasn't until his college days at Texas Tech that he began looking at music as a career. It was also there that he became friends with Pat Green who was on the same musical path.

Morrow eventually moved to Austin in the early '90s and released his first EP and album in 1997. His second album was released in '99 and then reissued on his own label after the label he was with folded. In the early 2000's he turned a corner and seemed to explode. His tour schedule was grueling but he was building his fan base one venue at a time.

It was during this time that Morrow began down a road that eventually led to his arrest. He was arrested for drunk driving and possession of drugs (cocaine specifically). That seemed to be the wake-up call he needed to begin cleaning up his hard partying ways and re-focus on the music and his relationships with friends and family.

Morrow has become a staple of the Red Dirt/Texas Music scene. It's something he seems proud to be a part of and continues to not only inspire his fans with great music but also those trying to follow in his footsteps too.

You can catch Morrow playing at the Crude Fest in Midland coming up in May. Get your tickets now.

Check Out 'He Carries Me' by Cory Morrow

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