Texas is the second state to allow those with a  concealed carry handgun license to now carry a gun on campus.I personally think this is a great idea.  I am a gun owner, I know how to use it and would not use it against another person unless I was in grave danger and I think that is true with most who have a concealed carry license.  If you have that license you have been trained and certified.  You know the laws and how to use the gun.  I would appreciative to have someone sitting next to me who could protect me if needed and I would feel safer knowing I could also protect myself.

Katie Kasprzak, a recent graduate of Texas State University, testified in favor of the bill before legislative committees.

She completed the required course and shooting test to get licensed to carry a concealed weapon, but wasn’t able to carry it at night when she walked alone on campus.

“If someone wants to protect themselves, they should be guaranteed that right whether they are on a college campus,” said Kasprzak.