Cody Riley is an East Texas -based singer songwriter who has been around, working hard at promoting his music for a lot of years. Now it seems all his hard work is beginning to pay off, and there's evidence to that fact with his latest single, 'Something I Wrote'.

One of the cool things about Cody's songwriting is that he doesn't over complicate things by trying to fit clever or catchy lyrics where they don't belong. 'Something I Wrote' not only follows the "keep it simple" formula, but the entire theme of the song speaks to simplicity in the form of a sweet love song. For 'Something I Wrote', Cody called on Wade Bowen. While Wade may not be particularly known for his producing skills, he certainly understands the idea of making hit records.

Cody Riley - Something I Wrote

Cody has left his rock edge behind for the smoothness of fiddle and steel guitar on this one. 'Something I Wrote' can play nicely on Texas country radio, and is sure to pack the dance floors of honky tonks and bars everywhere.

I've known Cody Riley since he and his dad were banging on my door to get me to play music from his 'Short Bus' EP in 2008. Cody was still in high school, possessed a ton of energy and work ethic, and had a lot of work to do in order to get on the radio. All these years and three CD's later, Riley has progressed immensely. His songwriting has more depth, his band is more professional and this kid (yes, he's still a kid) exudes confidence in his music.

I always thought of Cody as a live performer first, and a recording studio artist second. His studio work is catching up fast, and Riley is a well-rounded musician as a result.