With the holidays behind us and spring on the way, I've often wondered "what happens to the Chorus of Abilene during the off season? Do they still practice their singing throughout the year?" The answer is yes, the Chorus Abilene continues to entertain by singing at different venues and events, some open to the public and a lot that are private functions only. This weekend will be an awesome opportunity to check out how the practicing has been going as the Chorus Abilene puts on a variety show at the McM Elegante' Hotel.

Chorus Abilene presents “Spotlight, Back to the 80’s” a variety period of music will be featured at the MCM Elegante' Suites. This event does require tickets that can be purchased in advance from the Chorus. If you'd like to buy tickets, more information or to book the Chorus Abilene for your event contact Gwynn Haseltine the Executive Director for the Chorus at, (325) 673-7464. If you would like to join the Chorus or maybe you'd like to compete in a singing competition check out the Chorus 'Abilene Idol 2013' auditions.



Chorus Abilene presents: 'Spotlight, Back to the 80’s'

Date and Time

Saturday, February 23rd, 2013. Starting at 6:30 PM.



$25.00 a person.

More Info.

For tickets, booking or other information please call (325) 6723-7464 or reach them online at the Chorus Abilene website. The Chorus' "Abilene Idol 2013" is scheduled for March 2, 2013 at the Mall of Abilene.

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