Chorus Abilene was started in 1990 as an adult choir, back then it was known as 'The Classical Chorus of Abilene.' Now, over the past few years the "Classical Chorus of Abilene" grew exponentially from the original 25 member choir to their current 130 member chorus. There are now several different ensembles, differentiated mostly by age, ranging from first grade to adults.

Chorus Abilene is kicking off their 2021 season with an annual fundraiser that was put on hold due to the pandemic. Chorus Abilene’s adult choir presents “Music From the Movies” and will be held at Abilene's newest event center near downtown Abilene in what's now known as the SoDA District Courtyard.

The fun and popular fundraiser will be presented cabaret style with an assortment of meats and appetizers known as 'charcuterie' and various cocktails.

Tickets must be purchased in advance and can be purchased online by following the links at This years perfofmance and fundraiser will include performances by the adult chorus, as well as several solos and ensembles from the group and it will all be with “Music from the Movies” in Abilene's beautiful SoDA Courtyard.

Also appearing in this years 'Encore' are the 1st and 3d place winners
from this year's Abilene Idol. The performers will be Misty Calk and Samatha Teague. While the performance is going on the audience will enjoy a the food prepared for this event by Haley Jo on the Go ( and will includes iced tea and water), plus cocktails from the new KAO Lounge. The tickets which include food and drinks must be purchased in advance by Monday April 26th by 5pm. Buy your tickets online here.

Chorus Abilene's Executive Director Abigail Payne says: "Chorus Abilene seeks to expand its audience and choir membership by exploring and presenting concerts in new venues, as well expanding event types and collaborations, and is excited to perform for the first time in the SODA District. The vitality and entrepreneurship that have sprung to life south of downtown Abilene is inspiring, and Chorus Abilene is delighted to tap into that energy! Chorus Abilene seeks to promote choral music through performance and participation, while educating the hearts, minds, and voices of its student members."

Source:  Chorus Abilene,  Abigail Payne, Executive Director

Ticket prices range in price from $25 to $40 dollars and table sponsorships are available. For more information or to contact Chorus Abilene call: 325-673-6474. Chorus Abilene is a local non-profit choral group.

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Photo by: Chorus Abilene/Abigail Payne
Photo by: Chorus Abilene/Abigail Payne

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