Well, it is a sad day for those that love "The Lord's Chicken" as Chick-fil-A, in the Mall of Abilene, has announced that its final day of operation will be January 30th. No reason was given, in the Facebook post announcing the closing, by Chick-fil-A.

While Abilene has a plethora of restaurants, including of Chick-fil-A locations, this is still a bummer for a variety of reasons, including one less dinery in the Mall of Abilene. However, considering that it's already set up for a restaurant, of sorts, hopefully some other eatery will occupy that location at some point.

According to the announcement, Chick-fil-A has been serving their delicious nuggets of chicken heaven, from the Mall of Abilene, since 1979.

After the 30th, you won't be able to eat Chick-fil-A in the Mall of Abilene anymore but, never fear, there are still three other locations to enjoy the lord's chicken here in Abilene.

Obviously, the most famous location, in Abilene, is at the corner of Southwest Drive and South Clack (by Winters Freeway). Hopefully, this closure won't mean even more traffic extending on to Southwest Drive, but only time will tell.

The other two locations are on the north side at 1751 TX-351, just off of I-20, and over by ACU at 216B McGlothlin, Campus Center Road.

Regardless of the reason for the closure, we wish the owners and employees the best of luck in their future. So make sure you stop by the mall location, before it closes, and wish em all well.

The Facebook announcement, of the closure, can be seen below.



Since 1969 it has been an honor and a privilege to serve you from the Mall of Abilene. It is with great...

Posted by Chick-fil-A Mall of Abilene on Thursday, January 21, 2021

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