Due to the recent winter weather storm that shut down the entire state of Texas. I had to step outside the box and remember some of my old 'boy-scout life hacks' to get things done in order to help out some friends.

When I received a call from some listeners alerting me to a neighbor needing help and needing to have their home's outside faucets winterized. I quickly got busy trying to find some of those winterized Styrofoam Faucet Covers. That was a task that had me going from store to store, only to discover that there were none to be found in town anywhere.

I remembered back to my youth when one of my scout masters taught us an old trick in covering our faucets for the winter using old 2 liter plastic soda and or juice bottles. It was not hard to find a nearly empty apple cider drink bottle sitting in my fridge. After I drank the remaining cider I rinsed it out, cut the bottom off and started gathering the other needed supplies to make the 'soda bottle faucet cover.'

I gathered a couple of old tube socks that were missing their mates. I would also need "dental floss" and the reason I like to use dental floss (and not kite string) is because it's got a protective type wax coating on it and when it freezes it won't break. A couple of plastic shopping bags to water-proof the socks and we're almost ready to go.

Finally the most important part was the electrical tape. It works like a dream especially in cold weather. It holds the socks and plastic bags from coming unraveled. Once the faucet is wrapped in socks and plastic, I tie the dental floss around the faucet and then pull the other end out through the neck of the bottle and using the bottle cap to close and hold the bottle and floss in place. That way a pet or wild critter can't knock it all off.

In the video above I use socks however, you can use towels or other rags to wrap around the faucet or pipes. I hopes this helps and stay warm.

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