Chayce Beckham and Lindsay Ell join forces for the lighting-charged duet "Can't Do Without Me." For American Idol winner Beckham, the collaboration marks his official debut to country music radio.

Fans who followed Beckham's journey on Idol will recognize the singer's unique blend of rock 'n' roll rasp and country grit as he trades lines with Ell's smooth, power-heavy pipes. The two artists have distinctly different styles, which is what makes the steamy, can't-wait-to-have-you duet so magnetic: They push and pull against each other just enough so that the chemistry is palpable. The result? They complement each other seamlessly.

When Ell sings, "I can start a fire right now and pour a little red wine," and Beckham responds, "I can push this pedal on down and run every red light," both help create a near-tangible sense of anticipation.

Jordan Walker, Trannie Anderson and Michael Carte are the writers behind the lyrics, which are perfectly uncomplicated. Take these lines from the chorus: "I've been missing and wishing to feel your kiss / And your hands all on my skin / It won't be long 'til we are burning up them sheets."

The kind of desire Beckham and Ell are singing about isn't for the brokenhearted or the star-crossed. It's the fun kind — the kind that makes you want to clock out fast and speed the whole way home, because you know exactly who's there waiting for you.

Just as the vocals are high drive and anticipation, so is the music. Produced by Ross Copperman, the track is pop-country with some rocking flourishes for good measure.

The song raises its own stakes at the bridge: The drums thrash harder, the notes get held longer, and the lyrics are at their most desperate. Beckham and Ell trade lines: "Who's gonna send them chills running down your back / Who's gonna turn you on when the lights go black / You know you're the only one can do me like that / I'm here going crazy I'm on my way baby."

On this duet, each artist can say that the heat achieved here couldn't have been done without the other.

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