The Wylie Baptist Church Living Christmas Tree is one of the most exciting events I like to attend around Christmas time. The Living Christmas Tree is back in full swing with a total of six live performances; three of the performances are daytime shows.

If you would like to be in attendance, you had better secure tickets. They're available now until they run out. Set a date for your family and friends to gather around the inspiring Living Christmas Tree that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. I promise the Living Christmas Tree will put you in the holiday spirit.

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The Living Christmas Tree at the Wylie Baptist Church (WBC) is a fun and educational family event. The WBC choir will sing a mixture of sacred and secular songs, perform a re-enactment of the birth of Christ, and present other biblical scriptures.

The Living Christmas Tree began in 1982 and is celebrating its 41st anniversary

The tree itself is a steel structure 30 feet high and holds approximately 60 WBC choir members. Associate Pastor Rick Grant reminded me this presentation is their gift to Abilene and the surrounding communities.

Pastor Grant said “The Living Christmas Tree gives our church family the opportunity to share their personal talents to be able to tell the greatest story ever told, the story of Jesus.” Senior Pastor Mike Harkrider said, "The church congregation uses this opportunity to share the message of Christ and to glorify God."
Source: Wylie Baptist Church Pastors Mike and Rick

The Living Christmas Tree presentation lasts about an hour and a half. Scheduled dates are December 7th and 8th at 7:30 PM, December 9th at 4:30 and 7:30 PM, and December 10th at 10:30 AM and 2 PM.

Tickets are free, but required to enter. Call the WBC at 325-692-3206 for info. Tickets may be picked up at the WBC office at 6097 Buffalo Gap Road.

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