I've never considered myself handicap because I was born with just one arm. I've often been asked if I qualify for privileges like handicap parking, to which I always reply with a big fat NO. I'm asked that from time to time, especially when someone is helping me with carryout.

Over the weekend I parked in a regular parking spot at a store, right next to a spot marked for handicap parking only. As I was getting out of my truck, I noticed a fancy white SUV whip into the "handicap parking only" spot. I was admiring the vehicle, as it had cool wheels and was my favorite color.

As I walk behind the SUV, the driver gets out and stares at me angrily. "What the #@^$ are you looking at? They've got too many of these &%#@ handicapped spots and they never use them." That's when I realized the SUV didn't have a handicap placard or license plate. I told him I was just admiring his car.

Which brings me to this question: what is it with some folks parking in handicap spots? I asked my police friends about it. Several officers told me they would not give me a ticket for parking in a handicap spot without having proper credentials on my vehicle, because it's clear I am handicapped by looking at me.

Yes, you can be cited for parking in a handicap spot without having the proper placard hanging from the rearview mirror and not having the correct license plate. Similar laws apply to those parking spots you see in more and more lots reserved for our Purple Heart recipients and/or veterans.

Below are some of the Texas Department of Motor Vehicle guidelines to follow, and fines that can be assessed.

In Texas, these are the fines for parking in a handicap spot without the right credentials:

1st offense: up to $500
2nd offense: Fines can be as high as $1,000, and might include the penalty of having your vehicle towed away.

The fines and/or penalties can be different depending on the city or municipality within the Lone Star State.

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