The Brothers Osborne appeared on the Bobby Bones Show on Tuesday (Oct. 3) and shared an unreleased song in tribute to the victims of the Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting. Readers can press play above to hear it; the song is called "While You Still Can," and it talks about the frailty of life.

John Osborne broke down in tears talking to Bones before he and brother TJ played "While You Still Can," which was written by Travis Meadows. The brothers had played at Route 91 Harvest Festival earlier in the weekend.

“When we finished, we were talking about how amazing of a crowd it was. There was so much love in the air, and people were so free of worry and care, and they’re just having the best time of their lives. Aside from everything that happened, it’s a crowd that we’ll never forget. Man, it’s hard …" John Osborne tells Bones through his tears. "They’re family. Every person who’s ever come out to a show of ours, they feel like family to us, you know? We owe them everything.”

The first verse of "While You Still Can" discusses wasting days on grudges and missed opportunities -- or rather, not letting that happen: "Make amends with that old friend you swore you'd never talk to again but you're missin' / Call up your mom on the telephone, talk a whole lot of nothin' til the cows come home / Listen / Cross every T and dot most the Is," Brothers Osborne sing. In the equally powerful chorus, they sing, "Everything you thought would last forever / Never lasts forever like you planned / Don't your let your now become a never / So take life by the hands / While you still can."

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Sunday night's (Oct. 1) Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting took the lives of 59 country music fans and wounded more than 500 others. The Brothers Osborne have shared their grief over the event on social media, and during their time with Bones, they reiterated the words they posted on Twitter earlier in the week.

“We try to lead with love. Everything that we do, we want love to be first, and we want love to be our compass and guide every decision that we make. Sometimes we try to pretend that we’re tougher than we really are, but at the end of the day, we just love everyone, and we’re so grateful to do what we do," John says in the radio studio. "We couldn’t do it without all those people that were there in Las Vegas and everyone who shows up to our shows. And you’re right, we’re a country music community. You hear that a lot … a community, because it’s what it feels like. We’re a family, and we’ll do whatever we have to do. We’ll show up, we’ll play anything. Whatever we gotta do to make this better for anyone, we’ll do it.”

Other artists who performed at the Route 91 Harvest Festival, which ran Sept. 29-Oct. 1, include Chris YoungJake OwenSam HuntEric ChurchMaren MorrisKane Brown and Luke Combs.

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