Being a mom is tough. How do you feed your little one on the go? Enter Lollipop company Lollyphile and their line of breast milk-flavored lollipops. Yes, this is a thing now.

Lollyphile owner Jason Darling explained how he was inspired to come up with the milky good idea:

I don't know if it's because I'm getting older, but it seems like all of my friends are having babies these days. Sure, the kids are all crazy cute, but what slowly dawned on me was that my friends were actually producing milk so delicious it could turn a screaming, furious child into a docile, contented one. I knew I had to capture that flavor."

Suddenly we're not feeling so well.

Rest assured the treats aren't actually made from real breast milk because that would be gross, right? Instead,the mad scientists at the company duplicated the flavor after sampling samples of breast milk. (Eww. Couldn't they have just polled some babies?)

Lollyphile certainly likes to push the envelope with its menu of offbeat flavors, including chocolate bacon, maple-bacon and wasabi-ginger. Though those flavors seem practically vanilla (pardon the pun) after breast milk.

Let's just keep our fingers crossed this doesn't start a trend. A placenta-flavored lollipop just doesn't sound appetizing, no matter how you spin it.

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