What did you do this weekend? Catch up on 'Breaking Bad,' or watch the James Bond saga before 'Skyfall' hits theaters? Well, Aaron Paul and Pierce Brosnan sure weren't. Both of them were out partying at the Radiohead concert in London, where they almost got kicked out and an awesomely hilarious photo (shown above) was created.

Paul's character on 'Breaking Bad' can sometimes turn into the clown of the series with all his "F- this!" and "Screw that!" gangster talk. But we're happy to report that -- whether out of force of habit or his offscreen personality -- this character leaks into his real life. While in attendance at the Radiohead concert in London, Paul tweeted:


If that weren't incredible enough, it looks like the partying duo were almost thrown out of the concert for their shenanigans. Well, at least Paul almost was.

... And that was followed closely by:

So, when something awesome happens, like the creation of the best 'Star Wars'-themed cake and Chewbaccas sunbathing with Princess Leias, we have to take a break from the regular news cycle and honor such awesomeness. Be sure to show Aaron Paul some love on Twitter.

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