Brad Paisley is no stranger to taking the stage in front of a giant audience, but this week he took a bit of a leap and set foot in front of a totally different kind of audience — the kind attending a Broadway show.

Though Paisley is best known for his country music chops and tends to leave the acting to wife Kimberly Williams-Paisley, he did venture onto the Broadway stage Monday (Feb. 27) to make a guest appearance in William Shatner’s one-man play ‘Shatner’s World: We Just Live in It.’

Paisley made his grand Broadway debut during the finale of the show, according to [via the Boot]. Though it seems like an interesting pairing, Paisley and Shatner have long been friends, and Paisley actually wrote one of the songs that appears in the play. Shatner even made appearances in Paisley’s 2003 music video for ‘Celebrity’ from his album ‘Mud on the Tires.’ The ‘Star Trek’ star also appeared on Paisley’s 2007 music video for the song ‘Online.’

Then, Paisley wrote the song ‘Real’ for the actor’s record ‘Searching for Major Tom,’ and that’s the song that makes a cameo in the Broadway show. To appear in the show, the ‘Remind Me’ singer had to carve out the time in the middle of his Virtual Reality Tour with guests Scotty McCreery and the Band Perry. That tour ends Saturday (March 3) in Lexington, Ky.