This week, country stars brought viewers back home with them, partied with fans in downtown bars and more in their new music videos. Read on to get all caught up!

Brad Paisley, “Bucked Off”:

Brad Paisley's sense of humor has not died down over the years. The funny music video for single "Bucked Off" begins by stating that Paisley asked fans to submit breakup videos--and then it's off to the races ... er ... rodeos.

"Bucked Off" is a good old-fashioned rodeo/breakup metaphor, so videos of bucking broncos (and even sheep!) are interspersed with fan breakup clips--when the cowboy/girl gets "bucked off." Some of the fan breakup clips are staged while others appear more realistic--and sometimes a little cringe-inducing. But, Paisley asked and fans delivered. Along with breakup clips and rodeo clips is footage of the surprise show Paisley performed at Tootsies (tweeting to fans to spread the word) at the beginning of December.

He says of the song, "I came of age during the golden era for us, which was the late '80s, early '90s, and that time period ... you had so many different things on the radio, but one of the things that was kind of consistent was the rodeo songs -- the metaphors and the analogies to that way of life ... and I realized as I was writing songs for this new record, I've never done one of those." -- CV

Morgan Wallen, “Chasin’ You”:

Morgan Wallen released the video for "Chasin' You" just as his If I Know Me Tour kicked off. The video, shot in black and white, features Walden in an old convertible as he sings about that elusive girl he can't quite catch. She appears in the car from time to time, like a ghost, just out of reach and difficult to pin down.

Walden wrote "Chasin' You" with Craig Wiseman and Jamie Moore. It's from his debut album If I Know Me, released last April, which included his certified-platinum single "Up Down" featuring Florida Georgia Line. His 2019 If I Know Me Tour launched Jan. 5 and continues through the end of March. -- CV

Dylan Scott, "Nothing to Do Town":

Dylan Scott goes home in the music video for his song, "Nothing To Do Town," filmed in Bastrop, La., where Scott was raised. Surrounded by friends and family, the singer showcases all the things to do in a "Nothing To Do Town," from duck hunting, to mudding in the dark, a bonfire of epic proportions and grabbing a bite at the local greasy spoon. Scott's wife and 1-year-old son make an appearance in the video as well. -- LS

Muscadine Bloodline, "Enemy":

Muscadine Bloodline explore regret and remorse in the music video for "Enemy." The stripped down ballad follows a down-and-out character as he looks back at the family and love that he lost because of his own choices. Gritty images of a desperate life are interspersed with footage of the duo performing in an empty house. Muscadine Bloodline shared "Enemy" with fans as part of their Unreleased video series on YouTube in March of 2018. -- LS

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